Rain, Pain, Sunshine and Grass

Its official the season is no longer fresh. This post is actually probably about 5 years off the back by now, with all that fresh material and hype out there these days. What ever though, I’ll drop some knowledge on the world oh cross from the eyes that gaze about 5 ft 2 in off the ground.

My season is usually prepared by being way to buisy, building downhill wheels, and flying in last minute to vegas underprepared and undertrained. Not this year though, this years pre season training consisted of getting buff diggin out grass, scavaging trash and hauling a 1972 silver streak trailer to the casa. All that is secret code for making a huge garden and getting rid of about 80 percent of our yard with shovels. Building a greenhouse out of trash and windows and plasic and what not, plus building a kitchen counter out of wood found in the garage rafters and moving free couches with bikes

moving couches is real man intervals

Plus the silver streak needed a move from idaho to oregon so we trucked the 1972 36 ft 9000lb beast further west. So perfect prep for the season.

The hype took its real first form with a trip north from eugene to the mecca that is Seattle. Seattle is the first big city that I’ve been to since NZ and it was a shocker, but on the positive side it drew a crowd to the showing of Brian Vernors “The Cyclocross Meeting”. It was awesome to raise some funds for the Rad Racing NW program and to see familiar faces and catch up with Folks.

From there is was the rain fest, pain fest that was Star Crossed and Rad Racing GP. But before my super indepth, exactly what gear and how I shot past rider 34 in corner 5 on lap7 I should mention I had super pimptasticly slambamin host housing with Ian Crane and his momma, they made my weekend easy peazy lemon squeezy. Ian was pit boss and momma extended the mom magic my direction with awesome meals and good conversation. Star crossed was fast, really wet and silly rainy. It was awesome I paired up with Steve Fisher and together we are THE 2 smallest pros in the cross field, so we road around together combining to almost make one rider. Unfortunately racing nerves and a 8pm start had me all wacked out and I failed to eat enough and I found out I still have a secret parachute on my bike, and let me tell you once you pull the parachute its pretty hard to go fast. Sunday was a different story with things turning to normal race times and some sun shine. It was looking to be a peanutbutter bike destroying weekend when this happend during the womens race:

Thats rain sucka

Peanut butter, when to grease, and bike driving was the new name of the game. I generally like bike driving and was mixing it up with the K-bomb, wicks, Jake wells, and the like. So a solid ride for me. I started to fall apart in the end but snuck in there for 10th and that oh so valuable UCI point. As borat would say “Great Success”

The week was spent as far away from vegas as possible and wrapped up in my comfy little oregon world. I’m pretty sure Vegas is actually something you can be deadly allergic to, and I may well have that disease. Any way it was awesome to be home and plant some 200+ plants in the garden and keep fixing up the shop in my house. Plus our awesome hippy neighbors had us for a potluck and we played music well into the eve. Its cool having people over the fence that dont suck. Also my sweet new bi-weekly column on cxmagazine.com is up now. You can check that here:


Got on another tin tube with loud hairdryers attached and teamed up with the stripper canadian (check out his cycling dirt interview from sunday USGP #2), the old boss man Gary Wolff, and the new me at team maxxis James. Good crowd and folks I like traveling with. Besides lots of Hotel time at USGP’s good coffee goes down well with rental car powerslides and burnout and Belgian beer before bed.

The racing front at USGP’s these days is deep, and when the sun shines and its all grass its funkin fast. So my average call ups and terrible start on Saturday made for a great day of flogging myself and getting 20th. Sunday way heaps better, with a halfway decent start, I made the second group and we were racing for 12th but of course I cant sprint or go fast on flat grass so I was 16th, but at least I felt like I was worth something out there today and doing my sponsors and myself some pride. I guess I was on the live coverage a bit today and there is a pretty funny interview discussing the sadness that is my facial hair Saturday post race. The video is here:


Well thats it from the Super 8 Sun prarie. I should go to bed silly west coast time. Maybe more cereal and yogurt will help.



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