Too Much Plastic and Recycled Air

Some times I’m just not sure how I convince myself to do some of the stupid things I do. Most of the time its because something good, ugly, or slightly disfigured comes out of it. This past weeks really silly ideas were to buy a last minute plane ticket to LA to chase UCI points (stupid), forget that it goes left right left when walking (stupider), consuming too many berries before any sort of appointment (stupedist).

So after a painful weekend of adjusting the suck nob, I decided 5th row starts are not going to get me anywhere. I winged the idea of going to SoCal in Wisconsin, got the Focus boys to drive my bikes there, and bada-boom I’ve committed myself to going. That seems pretty strait forward, but somehow I managed to forget that spending time in the tin tube with wings makes me sad, racing when its 95 deegrees makes me really sad, and LA makes me want to blow things up then cry. Why on earth did I agree to that, oh right I was hoping something besides me would come out disfigured.

But alas the story would not be complete with out the other crappy idea I had during the week leading up to the tin tube trip to my personal hell. In the spirit of trying to become a better athlete, I thought I should try and sort out why I was getting a sour left knee after running. I decided to start at the chiropractor, usally a good place for this sort of thing, but a bad place to have really bad gas and to have to poo like no other. I started my day with a huge amount of berry consumption. I love berries, but berries make me gassy. So at a place where a big ass dude bends and squishes you when your gassy, well there one perfect word for it: Awkward

Friday finally rolled around and I joined up with The Boobs (Sean Babcock, he’s kinda a big deal) and we headed south to the land where everything is fake, wrapped in plastic, and its so disturbing outside everywhere inside is filled with recycled air. We managed to get it together enough to drive our soft lime green focus to our great host hosing, but only after battling some LA traffic. Our hosts were awesome and had 2 little ones obsessed with Nerf guns. Every night it was a warzone, the bear and I vrs them. High quality non bike entertainment.

But we did come down to LA with a mission, race bikes in circles, hopefully faster than most of the others and get some UCI points. That mission was accomplished, but not well, not gracefully and not with out a little disfigurement. Some how on Sunday at the run up on the second lap I decided that walking and the general sequence of left right left was not longer for me and I stuffed into the wee stair’s. What was I thinking, and for not thinking I’ve been left with a very ugly bloody knee. So I swqeeked in there for some points, but didnt race very fast. I’m not sure why really, just didnt have it, no excuses just no legs. Maybe its just the fact that LA hate me.

Incredible highlights from the weekend include: Seeing a car do a nose wheelie, In-n-out milkshake with fries, and Sean’s quote at the airport this morning after eating a doughnut at the gas station “after that doughnut I feel like I need a shower”

Now I’m in the airport, waiting to breath in some more recycled air. Plan include running away to the forest to recover from LA, getting fast by riding mountainbikes, alot and winning a cross crusade.

Hurray Oregon



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