Taming the Jungle

Man Life is good, busy but good

Some stizuf has most certainly happened since LA. Reporting back home feels so amazing these days. The crash pad for this season is dope and the lovely lady is still happy to see me when I return from trips. I like her, maybe she reads this and will like this picture. Maybe not and now all you inter-stockers think I’m emo and soft and not “hard core”. Well apples dont have hard cores so stuff it.

Any way I had a good stint back in Oregon to reclaim my soul from the City of Angels. It was awesome, I succeeded in most of my intentions. Much time was spent playing in the garden of awesome, which now has the trailer of awesomeness in it too.  Been dialing in the plans on what to do with that beast and even had a chance to go scope a possible property to drop that sucker on in Oakridge, OR

Speaking of Oakridge, I did manage to make it out there not only for property investigation, but also much MTB slay brap drift shred gnar steeze action too. Oakridge has some of the best riding ever and I explored some new trails this go around and found some amazing ancient forests. The forest makes me feel better, much better, especially when there is a ribbon of super man dirt flowing thru trees and a sea of moss. For any locals out there, you must combine the Larson Creek, Larson Rock figure 8 for mucho pain and mucho grande pleasure.

Oh there was also a bike match in Oregon too. You might have heard of it, the cross crusade, just 1400 people riding around on a sunday, no big thing. I love crusades, they are sweet. The scene is still all about fun and pain and mud. Rainer is about an hour north of Portland, but the folks came out in droves. I was uber pumped for the sloppy conditions and Old man Sheppard and I duked it out to the end. I just cant bloody win one of these things no matter how hard I try people with kids just get it done. There was some decent velonews coverage here :  http://velonews.competitor.com/2010/10/news/chris-sheppard-wendy-williams-win-cross-crusade-no-2-in-rainier_145797

plus this photo

Other things that went down at home was a bit of music playing, house organization, general bike nerdum, and prep for the eastern journey. Included in the prep though was bike cleaning and I found out our green house is also perfect for high speed bike drying.

In standard form I procrastinated enough to have to squeeze in just a few more things before getting on the plane to go to Tom’s House (if you dont know Tom, you dont know squat, but in case you dont he is the most absurdly awesome owner of America’s only crafter TRUCK, promoter of Granouge, and my only friend who wears smurf pants) . So in route to the airport I picked up a cell phone and a razor, apparently 2 necessary items for a traveling business man. Both have come in handy.

The phone was used first, for I was delayed but used its magic powers to call Steve Fisher a joyus albeit small Rad Racer who is my house mate here at toms for a few weeks. He rallied for a 2 am airport run, then picked up every other sucka that stayed at Toms for the Granouge weekend. Airport ninja might be powers, but Steve is the airport ace.

The racing at Granouge is always hard and technical. I like, generally lots, to the moon if its muddy. Last year, mostly in part to the mud I had a go-er here, but this year I stepped it up I think. Best ride of the year so far on Saturday pulling the podium off and giving it with Justin Lindeen (most underated fast guy out there right now by the way) to end up 3rd. Sunday was also good, but had to settle for a 5th spot. Helped my self to some UCI points and if all goes according to plan I’ll be getting top ten in Louisville one day. Thats what I keep telling myself and that I’m a big deal, and that more icecream makes me faster, and that tubular glue is good for me.

Oh there is some great coverage of the race over on cycling dirt. Plus the paparazi was all over me this weekend. 3 interviews, I’m huge in deleware:

Granogue Day Two Adam McGrath Post-Race

Granogue Day One Adam McGrath Post-Race

One last photo that explains why I love granouge, off camber cornering.

One thing that I have noticed on this right coast, is lots more people give me crap about looking homeless. I have pathetic facial hair, its funny, but boy do I get a hard time for it. I’ve also not been shaving my legs either, apparently this combined with my face makes me look just too much like a bum. So in order to be still considered adiquite for sleeping inside that razor I picked up came in handy. I had to mow down the jungle that my hairy legs had turned into. Now that I’m smooth, aero and more white people will think I’m an albino bum.


Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy



One response to “Taming the Jungle

  1. I like clean teeth, what can I say? Well not a lot with a toothbrush in my mouth, unless of course I am typing. I suppose it makes sense though, if you get super powered suits, at least I get super fresh breath.

    Anyways, interesting how this blog brings to light some important information. Like now I know why I have such a large lump on my head from the genius bike drying rack I domed myself on unexpectedly when ambling peacefully through the greenhouse picking greens for salad…

    Thank you, I love you too.

    Hope those silky smoooth legs help you fly a little faster, then maybe you are home a few seconds sooner?

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