Oh glorious home

I’m so happy I live in oregon and with such cool people. Enough so I thought I’d just plop down another blog post, seems I’m improving at this a little bit.

It seems my predictions from the last post all came true in the span of a week, but I dont attribute it to me but rather to the dopest start to my week ever. I got off the airplane to get picked up by my long time buddy, Casey who I had not seen since well before going to New Zealand. It was a great way to be welcomed back. In my absence my most wonderful Ladyfriend Rebecca planned a surprise  birthday party. Coconut chicken,dance parties and playing my mandolin (plus some wine) went down full stop.

Still amping on the birthday magic I made it out to the forrest for some great mountain biking. Trails were a bit on the wet side, but they were super exciting and were almost desert like compared to fort collins. I’ve been taking my roomate out on some forest missions and its been really cool to see him light up with the adrenaline rush, plus watching him crash is so worth my time.

The rest of the week was filled with some other awesome stuff as well. I got to meet with the real estate lady and ask all these questions about property. Plus I’ve been able to work with rebecca a little bit more on where we want to live and what the little rules are about buying country property. There was also this amazing show that was a mix of authentic west african folk and new orleans funk. Ivan Neville and Yousupha Sedibe layed down an amazing set and I have not danced that hard in a while.

All of this must have been perfect prep for Saturday even though dancing till 1am before a race is not always primo I was well fired up for the Oregon state champs. Since I’m now a resident of this fine state I thought I should go out and really give’r and try and claim fastest man in oregon. But that would be just lying because Trebon and Craig are OR folks there just other side of the mountains so bike race play time was just a wee bit too far for them.  On a great course, with lots of mud, crazy off cambers and good elevation changes I just had one of those days where everything clicks. I made it to the front and then just went hard and nailed all the technical bits. It appears now I am the champion of oregon, or more specifically the rainy side of oregon.

This huge epic mega victory was fallowed up with the best kind of celebration, Champaign, but not the standard kind. I’m talking about that kind that falls from the sky when winter finally shows up, champaign pow snow, and on sunday we drank it in. Slogged up the hill a few times and raced back down to make the first turns of the year. It was incredibly fun, then we came back down to the valley and I went for a bike ride, that was nice too.

This week is all about food though. Potlucks at the hippy commune and Thanksgiving with Rebecca’s family are taking up lots of time. Plus we have house guests so the dinners these past couple nights have been grand scale. Our garden is pumping out the winter salad mix too. So as long as I manage to ride my bike and not get fat with this kind of momentum of awesomeness I might bloody win a USGP. A little unlikely yes, but if I can just check mushroom hunting off the list then I’ll at least have a chance.



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