About Newt

This is Newt:

At a Party                  Dressed to Impress         Working

Newt is me, and I am Me, and I sometimes legally get called Adam McGrath. I’m a professional nerd, oh excuse me bike nerd. I’m a pro level cyclocross racer in the fall and winter traveling across the country advocating the beautifully painful dance that is cyclocross. I’ve been playing with bikes for a really long time, and I’ve only been racing them for a long time, but I’m working on the really long part.

Cross is my bike centric focus in life and it makes me happy. It probably makes me happy because its not all about me. Cross is this amazing group of weird ass folks who take care of each other and who are slowly but surely crafting out a notch of our own to be weird in. Its awesome and a great thing to be a part of and I thank all of you who support me out there and I hope I’m giving something back to you.

But I cant lie, and other things besides bikes interest me too. I really like mountains and playing in them be it hiking, riding the trail bike or skiing. I’m pretty inspired by really big rocks I guess. I also really like food, maybe more than mountains. Thats why I love food politics, fighting to take down monsanto, and growing a huge beautiful garden. And somewhere inbetween I like music, all sorts. I even like playing it on a mandolin sometimes when the mood strikes.

Last and most importantly I like my ladyfriend Rebecca. She’s my partner and without her support I’d probably still be living in a van down by the river (which is more than its cracked up to be, but not as sweet as being in love)

Word Bird,

Newtronium (thats me in the future, when we can all fly and bikes will be lame)


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